Why choose Agents DP as the price per head company to outsource your bookmaking business?

There are many reasons. For example, AgentsDP.com has provided onshore bookmakers and sports credit agents with a way to outsource their bookmaking business legally, risk free and for a small per head fee which equals no start up costs, no overhead or the hassle of running a sportsbook digital product for offshore services.

Our experience as local bookmakers ourselves allows us to better relate to the local bookie. We handle exclusively credit based gambling agents. Hence we focus all our attention and efforts to you, the sports credit agent.

We know what is like for a local onshore bookmaker to be taking the action, writing the bets, handling the accounting, grading each and every ticket manually without any hardware and software that could help you make your business run smoother. We know the hours and the effort you spend to keep and try to increase your business and the obvious legal exposure.

What your players get…

Your players will have access to their accounts either via Internet or through our toll free customer service and betting phone lines at anytime day or night. They will be able to have all their questions answered by our multilingual staff (English, Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese) or receive help with the software or services in general. We carefully select our staff: one of our priorities is to insure that each and every one of our staff members has fluency in different languages, great personal skills and an important number of years experience in the industry.

On the same note, your players will have up-to-date lines on any sporting event, (MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, NCAA, Boxing, etc...) also Game lines, Halftime Lines, quarter lines and we offer lines on special sporting events, horses on all mayor U.S. tracks and an online casino. If you need a line on a specific event all you need to do is let us know and we will post it for you.

What the Agent gets…

You, as a local sports betting agent will have all the necessary tools to track, control and monitor each and every one of your players' betting activities. With our Sportsbook Agent Software you have the capability to access the necessary reports and features, such as Day sheets, Agent Exposure by Game/by Line, Player Totals, Action by Player, Line Management, Real time betting and much more.

This can be done from any computer with Internet access anywhere in the world. Now if you need to contact us directly, we also have a dedicated toll free line for our agents.

How about our Technology …

Our Technical Support Department (IT) and in-house development staff is always available in the case of any support or specific reporting issues that you may have. Our servers are monitored around the clock by our IT professionals. Offering both fiber optic and satellite connections ensures that our service is always fast and available to you and your customers 24 hours a day.

We also offer the option of providing you with a front website created exclusively for you and your customers so that they can bet online anytime knowing they're not doing business with an outside company but are still doing business with the person they've trusted for years.

Our staff are ready to answer any questions you have

For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us

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